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HVS provides professional valet services, reliable and secure handling of all vehicles, gracious welcoming of each guest and patrons, a history of 100% integrity and our state-of-the-art SMS ticketless system and App!

Whether you’re hosting an exclusive gathering of the board or are planning a major convention, we can easily and efficiently handle your valet parking needs.

Our team has been serving South Florida for over 20 years, providing our clients with a courteous, professional and cost-efficient valet parking services. We pledge to provide the safest and most user friendly parking service available to our clients who will always greeted by a courteous eager and informative staff member to assist whatever parking and traveling needs.

Our industry-leading processes, systems and valet parking services produce results, maximizing the revenue of your parking assets to your restaurant, condominium, hotel, resort, garage, and business for overall profitability.


Years of

Our operation is backed up by our SMS Ticketless HVS App!

First and last guest impressions start with valet. Featuring our SMS/Ticketless valet parking system, HVS Parking APP is your total simple approach to parking. We’ve specifically designed our valet parking application to help ensure we deliver a VIP parking experience.

Here’s why you’ll love us and why your guests will love us even more:

User Friendly Features

Such as fast vehicle drop-off and pick-up via APP request feature, SMS/Ticketless & NFC valet parking system, User Profile management, Request Vehicle from App, and more!

Integrated Payment System

Convenient payment options - credit card, mobile payment, or pay-on-foot

Prevent False Damage Claims

Our App allows the valet to take photos of the vehicle, including an initial visual inspection, and save all data within the customer's profile. Photo records can also be retrieved to prevent false damage claims.

Multiple Add-Ons Available

Optional Kiosk Check-In, Kiosk Check-Out, TV and Monitors for Queue Real-Time Operation.